LUMOBack Review: Does it Work?
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LUMOBack Review: Does it Work?

Anyone who has had back pain knows it can just wear you out. Dealing with back pain all day can make you tired and not even want to do your job, hobbies or simple tasks around the house. Back pain can also make for a bad night sleep which in turn makes for a more tiring day. Bad posture is one reason we can have back pain and the LUMOBack is designed to alert us when we are in bad posture and help us have correct posture.
Covered in this report
LUMOback — Best Features
Records your posture information and gives you the information at your fingertips.
The LUMOBack is lightweight and not obtrusive to wear.
Best for: People who find themselves constantly having bad posture and would benefit from practicing good posture daily.

The LUMOBack

Founded in 2011 by three Stanford University entrepreneurs, Monisha Perkash, Dr. Charles Wang and Andrew Chang, the LUMOBack sensor monitors your posture throughout the day and helps you correct bad posture.

What LUMOBack Does

Ever since we were small kids, we were told not to slump or slouch, whether it was standing or sitting. One of the main functions of LUMOBack is to monitor your posture throughout the day and let you know when you are in bad posture. LUMOBack will monitor the following information and store it through its app.

  • Slumping
  • Slouching
  • Pelvic tilt
  • Standing
  • Sleep positions
  • With a built in pedometer, LUMOBack will measure the steps you walk.
  • There is also a car mode that will separate the time spent in a car from your posture score.

We can all go through the day with poor posture and not even realize it. The main purpose of LUMOBack is to monitor your posture and alert you with a slight vibration when you are in bad posture. LUMOBack also tracks and records your posture and how long you sit and stand compared with walking.

Using LUMOBack

LUMOBack is a small flexible sensor that is attached to a thin belt (8.5 mm thick) and worn around the waist and lower back, either next to the skin or over a thin shirt.

Every time you slouch or slump in bad posture, LUMOBack sensor will vibrate slightly to let you know you are slouching. The sensor is connected to a wireless app which tracks and records your daily posture and activities. This ability to track your movements and your posture will make you aware of how many times you actually are in bad posture throughout the day.

To start using LUMOBack, go to the Apple App Store and download the LUMOBack app. To activate the sensor, you will go through a few steps to calibrate the app. These steps will be movements like walking, sitting and slouching.

LUMOBack sensors will measure the tilt of your pelvis, your slouch, leaning forward, tilt sideways or shift your weight. When your body goes into a bad posture position, the sensor will slightly vibrate. The sensor will send this information to the app which will help you monitor and track your daily posture and movements. The tracking of your posture will also show improvements in your posture over time.

What LUMOBack Does Best / YouTube

How LUMOBack Corrects Bad Posture

LUMOBack measures pelvic tilt or angle. Many back and neck pains can be traced to the pelvic region. One of the first things a chiropractor will do is to align the pelvic region. Spine experts agree that a neutral pelvic position is the key to good posture which translates to less back pain. Through constant feedback, LUMOBack will guide you to good posture and a neutral pelvic alignment.

With LUMOBack, you will get activity graphs and information about your daily movements and an avatar that will show you how to correct bad posture positions.

Since one of the main functions of LUMOBack is letting a person know when they have bad posture, slouch and or slump, this alone can keep good posture constantly in mind and that after a period of time, good posture will become a habit.

LUMOBack Customer Comments

The best way to understand how the LUMOBack works on a personal level is to read customer comments. Customers at the Apple App Store rates the LUMOBack 4.5 stars out of 5 with the following comments.

  • "Works right out of the box and I already feel my posture improving. Enjoying the pleasant reminders to sit up straight!"
  • "I was shocked at how responsive it was. Works great!"
  • "App is much cleaner and easier to navigate than before. Really enjoy the vibration controls on the main screen and impressed how the sensor always knows when I'm sitting, standing or slouching. It even knows when I'm in the car! Only thing is Bluetooth sometimes cuts out but refreshing the Bluetooth settings fixes it."

Other LUMOBack customer comments include:

  • "I bought a lumo, had it delivered to Australia easily, and I am glad I have to have it as it completes the circle between desire to improve and being reminded to do it. Every time I go out of reasonable posture , there is a buzz, which just reminds me to sit up and straighten up! Now that I have sense of better hip rotation, I only now need it twice a week." -
  • "I'm recovering from a herniated disc in the back and constantly have lower back issues. I've been using LUMOback for a week and so far I love it. I'm constantly aware of bad posture and correcting for it. I'm noticing now that I'm sitting up straight and standing tall subconsciously. I think that's the point. I've noticed a slight improvement in my lower back pain. I suppose a week isn't long enough to notice a substantial improvement, but it definitely feels better. Just a quick note: The first few days were a bit strange. My co-workers were constantly laughing at me adjusting my posture and trying to get comfortable. But by two or three, it was all good! I highly recommend this product for anyone who has back pain and wants to improve their posture." -
  • "This product is amazing in how it detects your posture. Helps to keep your back straight and improve your osteo health ! Easy to use, link, turn on and charge. I highly recommend this product to anyone needing a "coach" for back related issues!" -

Does LUMOBack Work

After reading customer reviews and articles, LUMOBack works exactly as it was designed to work. It will monitor your posture throughout the day and let you know when you are in a bad posture position. The avatar will show you proper posture and will track your progress as you improve your posture on a daily basis.

Many more customers wrote that they wanted to buy the LUMOBack, but couldn’t use it since it does not have an Android app at this time. The company is working on this and will hopefully have an Android app soon.

A Better Way to Improve Your Posture / YouTube

Combining Fitness with LUMOBack

The makers of LUMOBack realize that their product cannot get rid of all back pain alone and that regular fitness, stretching and weight loss can help along with using LUMOBack. Their website has information about back pain, fitness, good posture and losing weight listed under the Why Lumo? tab.

LUMOBack Compatibility and Specifications

LUMOBack requires Bluetooth low energy (BLE) compatibility. LUMOBack currently works with iOs 6.0 or later on the following devices.

  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPod Touch 5th generation
  • iPad 3rd generation or later
  • iPad Mini

When you buy LUMOBack, you will receive in the box the following:

LUMOBack costs $149.00 and comes in the following sizes.

  • Medium: 27-38 inch waist
  • Large to Extra Large: 33-50 inch waist

The makers of LUMOBack are working on additional tracking features that will be compatible with the current sensor and belt. An Android app is also on the horizon.

LUMOBack Refund Policy

LUMOBack has a good refund policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days of the shipping date for a refund minus any shipping and handling fees, if any. For a refund, contact them at

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