Sciatic Nerve Pain: Herbal and Home Remedies Such As Juices and Celery Can Reduce Pain

Home remedies for sciatica relief. Juices like the juice of potatoes and celery leaves. These juices in combination are said to provide sciatica relief when drunk in a minimum quantity of 10 ounces daily. The addition of carrots and beetroots to this mixture is said to fortify the strength and taste. If you can’t drink the juice drinking celery tea throughout the day is also beneficial.

Elderberry juice and/or elderberry tea is a known muscle relaxant and stimulant and is said to treat sciatica symptoms.

Consuming raw garlic or taking garlic supplements with along with additional supplements of vitamin B1 and B-complex gives relief from aches and pains, aids circulation, is an anti-oxidant and also provides the body with warmth and energy.

The common natural sources of B1 or Thiamine are Green peas, Spinach, Liver, Beef, and Pork, Navy beans, Nuts, Pinto beans, Bananas, Soybeans, Whole-grain Cereals, Breads, unpolished rice and Legumes. Thus maintaining a healthy balanced diet containing these and salads containing watercress and parsley apart from green leafy vegetables and fresh red vegetables is very important for good health.

Some claim that garlic milk also can be an excellent sciatica home treatment. Just mince two cloves of garlic in about ½ a cup of milk and drink this concoction twice daily and the results can be seen in just a week’s time.

Germans have been eating raw sauerkraut since ages to relieve muscular pain.

However, care must be taken to avoid garlic if you are taking any other medication like anticoagulants, if you have any bleeding disorders or ulcers and take the advice of your doctor before taking garlic supplements.

Another magical home remedy to treat sciatica is fresh minced horseradish poultice, which when applied to the painful areas and kept for at least an hour at a time stimulates the sciatica nerve and give tremendous relief from sciatica pain.

Water is one of the best natural treatment options for sciatica pain relief. Water can help to bring down pain by improving circulation. Taking long hot bath or a shower and following it up with a short cold shower is said to boost the body’s circulation and reduce pain. Taking hot and cold compresses too is equally beneficial.

Treatments for sciatica must include a good diet, exercise and the patient must aim at improving overall health. Also to avoid such problems in the long run, sleeping on a firm mattress, sitting and standing in a good posture, avoiding lifting heavy loads should be a part of everyday care that must be taken. It is these small things that cause sciatica over a period of time.


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