Light Therapy Relief for Arthritis

learn what light therapy is, how it works and where you can get this help

With the pain and discomfort of arthritis, we are always looking for relief in the form of medications and special treatments. One of the proven therapies for soothing sore muscles and joints is a “Light

Therapy”. The Light Therapy Relief emits energy through infrared light, relieving muscle joints and pain, stiffness and more.

How this works is that the infrared light placed directly on the affected areas provides a temporary relief of minor muscle/joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasm, stiffness, as it relaxes muscle tissue and temporarily increases blood circulation. The infrared light works on the hemoglobin in the blood to cause the discharge of nitric oxide, which causes the dilation of the blood vessels, increasing circulation. With increased oxygen through increased circulation, damaged tissue can be healed. Nitric oxide has also been proven to act on the nerves to decrease or eliminate pain. Infrared light therapy, through medical studies, has reversed nerve damage causing pain or numbness which can occur in diabetics.

You do not ever have to suffer again. The help is there for you. Light Therapy can also heal painful scars, fibromyalgia, sprains, headaches, diabetic ulcers, neuralgia, bursitis, sinusitis, tennis elbow, Carpal Tunnel, inflammation, edema, skin care, and so much more. If you suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis, a combination of psoriasis complicated with inflammation of the joints that causes pain, stiffness and restricted movement. Light therapy can offer an effective and low-risk option for treating mild to moderate psoriasis. This treatment is becoming more prominent with Medical Doctors, Veterinarians and therapists.

The way this light is administered is that they are applied in a gentle motion 2-3 times per week with the light applied directly on the affected areas for about 5 minutes. There are virtually no side effects with this type of therapy as there may be with certain other medications and treatments. It is amazing the type of relief you can get from heat applied directly to your sore joints. Light therapy is backed by extensive research, has been used for over 20 years now, and is approved by the FDA for the treatment of pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and joint pain.

There is no reason you have to suffer further with the discomforts of arthritis and joint pain. This therapy can be performed by your doctor or therapists and for constant pain; the light therapy machine can be purchased for home use as well. Talk with your own personal doctor for his advice and options for you. For further research, some of the sites I would advise to you are and There are many other great resources available to you so be sure to look into all your options and start living a happier pain free life that you deserve.


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